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From Altcoin to ZCash: The great crypto-ABC

bitcoin abc

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin: cryptocurrencies are booming. For many ordinary users, however, the crypto world is still a closed book. Therefore, we clarify the most important terms. A – as in Altcoin Everyone knows Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero or Litecoin are less well known. And very few people have ever heard of Boolberry, Electroneum […]

Betting with cryptocurrency – is it possible?

The wide range of sports, betting options and even gambling on one platform wooed many customers and many people gratefully accepted the offer. That entertainment is provided on the websites is clear. However, one component of the bookmakers is rarely mentioned and as good as not explained. The payment methods for deposits and withdrawals are […]

Is It Still Worthwhile Investing In BTC, ETH & Other Cryptos?

Several thousand percent return with BTC and Co ?! The hype surrounding Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is huge! Due to the gained attention, more and more people ask themselves whether it is even worth investing in cryptocurrencies. Or is it already too late? And what do you have to consider? Today we want to […]

Study: 20% Of Financial Institutions Could Start Cryptotrading This Year

The crypto market has grown strongly in the last couple of weeks, although the exact reasons for this are still a mystery. Major investors such as the Rockefellers may have contributed to this. A new study, on the other hand, shows that 20% of global financial institutions could enter the crypto currency business in 2018. […]

My Gambling Experience: Slot Machines with Few Satoshis

gambling on slots for satoshis

Online casinos are trending! And so is BTC – one of the reaosons behind it is Paypal accepting the cryptocurrency soon. Read more at this website. This is especially true for Satoshi slot machines (Satoshis are smaller Bitcoin units / 1BTC can be divided in 100 Million Sats). I am also one of those players […]

Bitcoin course, fraud and new opportunities

The Bitcoin exchange rate broke through the US$ 10,000 mark on 23 July. While the crypto rates are stumbling overall, there are reports of fraud in the scene again and again. At the same time, new opportunities for investors are opening up on German soil. Since the Bitcoin exchange rate repeatedly crossed the 10,000 US […]

Fear of the G20 meeting: Bitcoin drops by almost 3000 dollars within hours

The ups and downs at the Bitcoin continue. After Facebook’s Libra announcement drove the course, politicians are now sending it downhill. The Bitcoin remains true to itself and its price fluctuations: After the price of the most important crypto currency had continued its high flight late on Wednesday evening, it fell back significantly on Thursday […]

Bitcoin: Is an investment still worthwhile?

The digital crypto currency Bitcoin has lost ground after the price explosion last year, more on Is it currently worth getting started? And what opportunities and risks are associated with this? Which advantages, but also which risks do Bitcoins offer for the investment? The digital crypto currency has been almost forgotten for many years. […]

Bitcoin defends important support – new portfolio value with significant gain

After the strong price gains of the past weeks, the Bitcoin remains on a consolidation course on Thursday. On a 24-hour view, the crypto currency number 1 is down about three percent in the early afternoon. Also for most Altcoins and the share of the Bitcoin Group it goes again downhill. Reference & more detailed […]

All You Need To Know About BetChan

Well positioned, the casino definitely shows itself in the area of diversity. Customers can choose from more than 2,000 games, divided into different categories, without a previous download. Thus, the largest selection is found in the area of slot machines. Not only the classic slot machines can be found here, but also numerous modern video […]

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