Bitcoin defends important support – new portfolio value with significant gain

After the strong price gains of the past weeks, the Bitcoin remains on a consolidation course on Thursday. On a 24-hour view, the crypto currency number 1 is down about three percent in the early afternoon. Also for most Altcoins and the share of the Bitcoin Group it goes again downhill.

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Bitcoin reached annual high

At the beginning of the week, the Bitcoin had looked like after a renewed attempt to reach its annual high of 8,321 dollars, but in the range of 8,260 the forces had left it first. In the following days the price oscillated between 7,700 and 8,000 dollars sideways.

  • This Thursday morning another dip to 7,533 dollars followed.
  • Since then, however, Bitcoin has been able to recover some of the losses.
  • The renewed relapse in the direction of the important chart technical support in the 7,200 dollar range thus seems to have been averted for the time being.
  • The superordinate Chartbild presents itself further bullish.

After the clear price gains – plus 122 per cent since yearly beginning and plus 103 per cent alone since at the beginning of of of April – the intermediate consolidation is completely normal and no reason for concern according to estimate of the AKTIONÄR. On the upper side a breakout remains on a new yearly high the next goal. On annual view are again five-digit courses within the range of the possible.

New depot value defies the weak market

In the case of Altcoins, too, some crypto investors are now securing part of the profits after the significant price increases. On Thursday, the red omens will also dominate among the top coins by market capitalization.

Pleasing: Among the few winners, who can defy the weak crypto market, is a Coin, which was taken up only on Tuesday into the exclusive sample depot of the SHAREHOLDER bitcoin report – further information in addition finds you here.

Bitcoin Group share in clan custody

The short-term sag at Bitcoin & Co also has a direct impact on the share of the crypto exchange operator Bitcoin Group. After the strong price gains of the last few weeks, some investors are now taking profits here as well. However, the upward trend is still intact. In addition, an imminent continuation of the upward trend on the crypto market should also give new impetus to the Bitcoin Group share. THE SHAREHOLDER sees therefore at short notice no need for action.