Bitcoin: Is an investment still worthwhile?

The digital crypto currency Bitcoin has lost ground after the price explosion last year, more on Is it currently worth getting started? And what opportunities and risks are associated with this?

Which advantages, but also which risks do Bitcoins offer for the investment?

The digital crypto currency has been almost forgotten for many years. In 2017, Bitcoin and Co. experienced a boom like never before. A Bitcoin was worth more than ten thousand dollars and many an investor has become rich with the digital currency.

An incentive for many other investors to also invest in Bitcoin and imitate the big ones. But are investments in crypto currencies, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, still worthwhile? A big advantage is the anonymity for gambling with btc, see

The ups and downs of the Bitcoin exchange rate

blockchain techThe rise of the Bitcoins is an incredible story, because within a short time the currency increased its value many times over. In December, Bitcoin missed the $20,000 mark by a hair’s breadth.

With the extreme increase in value, not only computer freaks but also stock market investors and governments became aware of the digital currency. The talk was of regulations and supervision, which caused Bitcoin’s share price to stagger again.

In the meantime, many crypto currencies are on a downward slide and Bitcoin has also lost two-thirds of its value and is now between 6,000 and 7,000 euros. The extent to which this trend will continue is difficult to estimate, as even the boom in 2017 was hardly foreseeable and was very surprising.

Opportunities and risks of an investment in Bitoins

Whoever wants to invest nevertheless should be vigilant and have a good feeling for price developments. The price of crypto currencies depends on factors other than political crises and market developments. A crisis at car manufacturers will hardly influence the price of crypto currencies. Regulations by Bitcoin and Co., on the other hand, can be very detrimental to the price development.

In addition, it may be advisable to keep an eye on the world’s major currencies, as Bitcoin and Co. are not completely independent of them. If the price tends to go down in the long run, it may make sense to sell the shares before larger losses have to be accepted.

Another possibility is to wait and see and hope for a massive loss in value. It is quite certain that Bitcoin will be able to increase its value once again. Who acquires thus to small prices crypto currencies, that can count in the future possibly on large profits. How long that lasts however, is uncertain. Above all, the announced trade regulations will dampen strong price developments in the future and make crypto currencies less attractive again. A multiplication of the value is therefore rather unlikely. Structures are also becoming increasingly rigid, as large mining communities have large shares of crypto currencies. This makes extensive trading more difficult. It becomes problematic if a faction has a majority of Bitcoin and Co.

Risks with Bitcoin currently predominate

Investments in Bitcoin may still be worthwhile in 2018, but the risk is significantly higher than with traditional forms of investment such as equities or funds. Those who do not suffer existentially from losses can try their luck in Bitcoin investments. A good feeling to develop and the developments in the eye to keep and analyze to be able is thereby a characteristic surely from advantage to be able.

But whether crypto currencies can be the new money like once advertised is uncertain and certainly meets resistance from the banks and governments of many countries. So the future of crypto currencies remains interesting.