My Gambling Experience: Slot Machines with Few Satoshis

gambling on slots for satoshis

Online casinos are trending! And so is BTC – one of the reaosons behind it is Paypal accepting the cryptocurrency soon. Read more at this website.

This is especially true for Satoshi slot machines (Satoshis are smaller Bitcoin units / 1BTC can be divided in 100 Million Sats). I am also one of those players who try their luck with slots. I report on my experiences, successes and failures in the following.

I play exclusively at BetChain which I know from this top BTC slots site. The reason for this is that it is a very good and serious online casino, even provably fair, with a large selection of games. Beside the slots I find here also numerous other Games which interest me. Especially the poker tables are another hobby of mine. In addition, the provider has an interesting bonus for new players and also regularly surprises with bonuses and special offers. The deposit and withdrawal payment is fast and possible with Bitcoin. Thanks to the mobile casino app, I can also play from my smartphone. My preferred variant.

Where I played

Here I have to say, it’s very different. Actually, I logged on to my PC at home, but in the end I only played a little from my laptop. The reason is probably that when I get to the computer, I have enough other things to do. There are new mails coming in, chats opening up or of course the obligatory visit on social networks like Facebook. So I’ve left most of the slots to the smartphone. Since my provider has a mobile app, this was even possible without further ado.

The advantage: I could sit on the couch at home or comfortably play a few rounds in bed before sleeping. Without having to sit straight up in front of the computer. On the other hand, I rarely played on the road. Here, too, you usually have other things to do. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I occasionally had to wait, for example at the bank or during the journey in bus and train, and then sometimes reached for the slots. Whenever mails, WhatsApp, SMS and phone calls made it possible for me. For me, there is nothing more corrosive than being disturbed by a pop-up in the middle of a round or, worse still, by a call.

So at the end the laptop was rarely used. Even the computer at work was rarely bothered with playing. Since I have my own company and am a lone fighter, I probably just don’t have the time. Fortunately, there are smartphones and tablets that make playing most slot machines and most online casinos just as easy and convenient.

My Slots Strategy

The strategy is something very personal. Everyone has their own ideas and approaches the topic of slots differently. However, I have to say right at the beginning that slot machines with strategies often don’t work as you’d expect. In contrast to the usual casino games, slot machines don’t allow you to set much in terms of stakes, pay-lines and, if necessary, reels, and therefore have little influence on the process. One decision and important consideration that can be made, however, is the type of game. Do I prefer to play cautiously or do I take risks?

I am generally a more cautious player. One of the reasons for this is that I have to divide my money relatively accurately and I don’t like to lose it. This is especially true if it could have been avoided. That’s why I generally proceed cautiously at the beginning. I place small bets and try to increase my initial bet. I start with a capital of ten euros, for example, and start to bet cautiously. If, for example, I have arrived at 15 euros, then I bet a little higher. And so it goes on. I always try to at least always go home with my bet. If I bet ten euros, I win and have a credit of 20 euros, then I play a little more open. But as soon as it falls to 15 Euro, I am more careful again. If the credit falls further and comes back to the initial ten euros, then I stop.

I am also careful with new slots and new casinos. I would like to get to know new slots first of all. Maybe even in the form of demo games without real money. The same applies to the game library. Also here I would like to look first, how the software works, how the casino makes itself, etc.. By the way, a tip: There are moments when nothing works at all. You bet and bet and bet and lose. In this case, don’t despair and don’t try desperately to win anything. Better stop and take a break, or just change the slot and try your luck at another machine. Works wonders!

The Amounts I Used

I’m generally a cheapskate. I have my own business and have to work hard for my money. In addition, there are high additional and unrelated costs. So I have to plan exactly where I leave my money. That’s why I usually play with small amounts. Ten or 15 Euro, maybe 20 Euro is standard. As I have already reported above on strategy, my goal is to make a (small) profit out of a small bet and go home without loss. If I bet 20 Euros and win ten Euros, then I have 30 Euros. I go home with ten euros more than I bet. For some that may not seem much. For ten euros I buy a coffee, wine gum and even have some money left. For me it’s perfectly OK, but of course everyone has to know that for himself.

My Profits and Losses

At the very beginning I was given a D-Mark by a waiter in a restaurant. We were food, I was only about seven or eight years old. I was bored and started brushing out and cleaning the ashtrays. Yes, at that time smoking was still allowed in the restaurant. As a thank-you, the waiter gave me the aforementioned mark. My grandpa then sent me to the slot machine. I said I did, and after two or three games I made about 100 marks out of one mark. With the profit we paid the food and I still had a nice pocket money for the money box. My first experience with slot machines.

I was also lucky online and was able to go home with slot machines and a stake of ten Euros for 180 Euros. A real lucky day. However, I also had bad luck – as you can see in the casino – and suffered heavy losses. With a stake of 15 Euro I played, was able to increase my credit to about 90 Euro and then lost everything. I was simply overconfident and full of relish. I had fun playing and didn’t want to stop.

Deposit and Withdrawal

I try to handle all deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin. This is convenient for me because I do a lot of my business and personal business through the payment provider. Many customers, especially from abroad, pay by Bitcoin and I also pay many costs and things, such as my web space in the USA, with the provider. Bitcoin via Lightning network – – also has the advantage that deposits and withdrawals are credited immediately.

Now there are casinos that allow the direct debit and where my credit is also immediately credited, even if it has not yet been received on the account of the casino. That is practical. Unfortunately this does not work the other way around. If the payment is also made by bank transfer, then I have to wait for my money. For this reason I prefer Bitcoin. The deposits are there immediately. The payments also. If there are problems with the payment, for example because a dubious casino has simply retained the money, I have the possibility to get my money back via Bitcoin in the form of a complaint. And: Especially practical in times of data protection: I don’t have to provide any personal payment data when using Bitcoin. In addition, the provider also supports bank transfers, payments by credit card, etc..

The Great Feeling of Playing

For me, playing slot machines is a roller coaster of emotions. First, there’s the excitement and the excitement. Everybody knows the feeling when the same symbols appear bit by bit until only one is missing to win the jackpot. These are the exciting moments. With each new round there is also new excitement and the question: Will I win or not? And then there’s the joy. Even small winnings can bring joy, which of course turns into cheering for big winnings or even for cracking the jackpot. But often feelings like anger, sadness or frustration also arise. Namely, when you have lost again or when you have gambled away and the huge bet did not bring the desired big win but you have a huge loss.

My Conclusion

I’m certainly not one of those hardcore gamblers who play regularly and bet large sums of money. Also my bets and winnings (but therefore also my losses) are within limits. However, I am an avid fan of slot machines and I hope that my experience report will give you some insight into the topic and answer some questions.